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Wedding photography has for a long time dedicated a remarkable part of my life and in our regimen. As a youngster  you’d discover me carrying a thirty five milimeter huge camera in my posession snapping shots of my favorite buddies and favorite subjects, and the green land within the smallish ocean town in the north Virginia ocean port where I grew up. This skill grew slowly of a passionate skill of a guru which I became one with, digesting magazine portraiture and scenic photography in my 20's.  not long afterwards, I started creating a very intricate wedding photography career plan in which elegant notions and life enhancing energy had already began to take root and shine out within my photography jobs. This day I continue to be a always in demand and prize taking Seattle Washington Headshot affordable Photographer and am employed all around Washington and all of Oregon. I am also a part-time Seattle WA television Photographer. When you get a chance look at my treasured site in order to find out some more about my love: [color=#000_url]Bellevue Headshot Photographer[/color]

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